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Improving Communications with SIP Trunking

Posted by on November 1, 2016 10:46 am

For years, office telecommunications seemed unable to keep pace with the speed of business. Too often companies remained tied to their expensive, traditional phone systems because they didn’t want to disrupt critical communication systems. But Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions featuring SIP Trunking have changed all that. This approach lets companies implement more efficient solutions that boost productivity, foster collaboration and cut costs – all while ensuring crystal clear voice and video quality from the start.

Why SIP Trunking?

When companies migrate to VoIP, they no longer have to maintain two different communications networks – voice and video calls are carried on the same network you are already using to carry data and access the Internet. In this model, SIP Trunks don’t just replace the traditional phone lines brought in by the phone company to connect to the outside world, they play an important role in ensuring call quality.

Real-time voice and video communications need to be treated differently from a network perspective to remain crystal clear. While employees may not notice latency or jitter in data applications, any network-based issue will significantly impact the quality of real-time communications solutions. When there isn’t enough bandwidth, call and video quality will immediately degrade – users will hear static, echo or garbled voices or they will see frames freeze and pictures distort. The same thing happens when the network doesn’t properly prioritize resources during traffic spikes or heavy usage. That is why quality of service often declines as more people join conference bridges

Convergia SIP Trunking solutions eliminate these issues by ensuring that voice and video media streams retain the proper quality of service designations as they travel both inside and outside of your office environment. Not only does it provide superior voice and video clarity, it offers important benefits over traditional phone systems:

Rapid scalability: With SIP Trunking, you can expand the system one trunk at a time where as traditional PRIs have to be ordered in increments of 23. This allows companies to easily add capacity and keep pace with corporate growth rates whether they are spiked or consistent.

Reduced costs: SIP Trunks eliminate the need for local PSTN gateways, expensive PRI hardware, complicated network management tools, cabling and the additional expenses incurred when companies have to maintain separate voice and data networks.

Greater security: Convergia SIP Trunks provide voice encryption to mitigate the risk of a communications breach.

Advanced features: To increase workforce productivity and collaboration, Convergia offers an innovative set of next-gen communications solutions including virtual numbers, unified communications and more.

VoIP-based communications solutions anchored by SIP Trunks provide a unique opportunity to inject innovation into corporate communications systems. As a one-stop-shop for networking solutions, we can provide a turnkey SIP Trunking solution customized for your unique business and environmental requirements. By ensuring superior voice clarity, we help maximize return on all your communications investments.

Don’t let fear of change keep you tied to outdated communications systems – learn more about SIP Trunking today.