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Making the Switch to Fiber Dedicated Internet

Posted by on November 1, 2016 10:44 am

Slow, intermittent Internet connectivity is one of the biggest drains on workforce productivity. The problem is only getting worse as companies move core business processes to the cloud (today 87% of enterprises rely on cloud providers to manage at least one of their mission critical workloads). IT groups who are continuously fielding networking complaints need to rethink their infrastructure decisions and consider the advantages of Fiber Dedicated Internet.

Faster is better

In business, speed yields efficiency, profitability, and innovation. While there are multiple options for Internet service delivery– DSL, broadband, wireless and fiber optic – tests have shown that Fiber Internet is the clear winner. With a minimum of 1 Gigabits per second (1GBps), Fiber Internet solutions significantly outperform T1 and T3 installations that offer connection speeds of 1.5 Mbps and 45 Mbps respectively. A recent Speedtest® Market Report show that average broadband speeds have finally exceeded 50 Mbps and Mobile Internet clients can download files at 19.27 Mbps.

Along with faster speeds, fiber is more reliable than copper and less patchy than WiFi solutions.

Dedication counts

At Convergia, we provide a Fiber Dedicated Internet service solution with symmetrical Internet access across our global fiber optic network, powered by AT&T. With static IP addresses and remotely managed on-premise equipment, we guarantee some of the fastest, most reliable download and upload speeds available from providers today.

Because this is a dedicated solution, we insulate companies from the Internet traffic spikes that can impact users working with a shared, “best effort” Internet access plan. In these scenarios, heavy usage periods strain the amount of resources available to ISP clients, bandwidth shrinks and communications speeds degrade. Instead of creating a sluggish performance at client sites, our dedicated connections guarantee a specific amount of bandwidth is earmarked for your business and no one else.

Clearly, a fiber dedicated Internet solution ensures better end user experiences for your most bandwidth-hungry, data-intensive applications – unified communications, cloud services, VPNs and more. Moreover, it keeps employees who are working remotely, productive when they require access to core business applications and communicate with their peers. Starting at just $350 per month, this solution lowers IT costs while boosting performance and productivity across the organization.

Don’t let slow, intermittent Internet connectivity degrade business productivity, mobility, and profitability. Switch to Convergia’s Fibre Dedicated Internet today.