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What is poor mobility costing your company?

Posted by on November 1, 2016 10:45 am

Today, mobility is seen as a competitive advantage – it’s critical to creating a productive workforce, solidifying customer loyalty and fostering innovation throughout an organization. In fact, companies that effectively leverage mobile technology realize 2x revenue growth and see a 20% reduction in total management costs. However, these benefits are quickly negated when mobile service is substandard and communications are unreliable.

We’ve all experienced the effects of poor mobile service at one time or another. You’ve dialed into an important team conference call only to find that you can’t hear anything clearly. Worse, you’re trying to process a last minute, urgent customer order remotely but the connection keeps getting dropped. Unfortunately, these issues have an immediate impact on productivity, customer service, corporate innovation and, ultimately, profitability.

When purchasing a mobile service plan for business use, the network matters. Without crystal clear communications and fast, reliable service, companies cannot keep employees productive and connected when they are away from the office. To prove clients with a solid wireless foundation and a turnkey solution, we partner with AT&T for mobility programs that offer several key advantages:

  • Exceptional voice quality that keeps communications as efficient as possible
  • Strong connectivity to limit downtime when employees use business critical applications
  • Simplified network architectures that cut maintenance and administrative tasks
  • Unified communications solutions that improve collaboration and accessibility
  • Data sharing and rollovers to lower overall costs
  • Roaming programs that simplify travel and communications in over 190 countries
  • Hot spots to ensure efficiency for any and all user devices
  • Powerful call management features to boost productivity and keep businesses connected with their customers, partners and vendors

Without a strong network foundation, companies cannot realize the full value of their mobility investments. In business, productivity drops significantly when employees have to deal with sluggish application response, garbled calls and dropped connections. Customer frustration increases when they can’t quickly reach their intended party or have to repeat themselves to be understood. When IT has to spend hours fielding complaints about networking issues, they can’t focus on the projects that accelerate growth and innovation.

Is poor mobility costing you customers, profits and a competitive advantage?

Solving key IT and communications challenges is our mission. As a one-stop-shop for turnkey solutions, we can customize an effective mobility plan for your unique business and technical requirements that is reliable at anytime and anywhere. Contact Convergia today for details.