What is Convergia Cloud Voice WEBEX Contact Center and how can it Benefit your Company?

What is CCV WEBEX – Contact Center?

CCV Webex Contact Center is an Omnichannel communication platform that provides interactions through the call, email and chats from a Unified Communications (UC) environment. CCV WEBEX Contact Center performs these functions centrally to improve efficiency and reduce business operating costs. It will also provide your company with the innovation, flexibility, and agility of the cloud with the security and global scalability that Convergia offers.

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Features of the Convergia Cloud Voice WEBEX Contact Center solution – CCV WEBEX Contact Center:

Features of the Convergia Cloud Voice WEBEX Contact Center solution – CCV WEBEX Contact Center:

  1. Professional Implementation- We have an expert technical team that will fully assist in your transition into the cloud.
  2. Unified platform- Convergia’s platform improves business processes and workflow efficiency and also integrates with all the commercial tools that your contact center has.
  3. Cloud Contact Center- The cloud contact center gives you agility, flexibility, scalability, security, capital efficiency, innovation, and improved customer success.
  4. Omnichannel Management- All interactions such as voice, email and chat are unified. In this way, it provides a perfect experience for your agents.
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How can your Company Benefit from CCV WEBEX Contact Center?

  1. Collaborative Teams- Agents are more productive when they have the tools, resources and customer testimonials that they need.
  2. The Global Leader in Cloud– We partner with the market leader, Cisco. They are the best in the American market and the second-best worldwide.
  3. Security and Trust- Cisco has the highest security control for their products and continue to invest billions of dollars to make their contact centers safer.
  4. Experience and Global reach– Our broad and integrated client portfolio provides us with a solid experience in all areas of communication such as calls, security, networks and, devices.

Only with Convergia, you will find the latest connectivity, Voice, Cloud and Data & Security solutions fully customizable to your organization and with the best post-sales service.

Find out more about how Convergia’s CCV WEBEX Contact Center solutions make the network and cloud management system smarter, and improve your day-to-day business here