What solutions of IoT Smart World does Convergia & Libelium offer for your business?

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The Internet of Things (IoT - Internet of Things) is constantly evolving, and as such, aligning with the new demands of the market. One of the key revolutionary changes being implemented is Smart Cities, where a new map of possibilities connects and transforms the personal, industrial and urban world.

These cities use technology and innovation to manage the control and measurement of drinking water levels, detect chemical spills in rivers or seas, traffic monitoring, control air quality and structural health of buildings, among many others. It also allows for the monitoring of crops, automated irrigation, control greenhouse environment conditions and implementation of systems that collaborate with the decision-making process for planting, harvesting and applying pesticides.

How do Convergia & Libelium facilitate the process of transforming the industrial, agricultural and urban world?

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Convergia & Libelium offer a new way to control and measure different performance indicators (KPI) of your business with wireless IoT sensor platforms.

Meet the multiple IoT Smart World solutions we have to offer you:

Connectivity by Convergia IoT Solutions (CxC):

CxC IoT App Factory

CxC IoT App Factory is the Internet of Things Application Platform and Marketplace of extensible, open-source, IoT Applications. The CxC IoT App Factory provides the following set of features:

  • Extensible dashboard to display real-time data stemming from the Libelium sensors or to show historical data.
  • Visual definition of business rules and corresponding predefined alert actions using decision tables
  • Built-in configurable alert actions (SMS, email, push notifications, create a ticket)
    • Customer shall provide their required credentials and/or certificates to be used by CxC Apps to access the corresponding third-party SMS, Push Notification and ticketing API.
  • Predefined configurable escalation workflow.
  • Built-in integration with Zoho Desk for creating tickets
    • Customer shall provide their Zoho Desk account's credentials to connect
  • Ability to implement custom code
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Manages control and measurement of drinking water levels as well as monitoring of seawater pollution levels. It also detects chemical spills in rivers, corrosion and lime deposits. The data is sent to the Internet through the gateway using Ethernet and 4G radios.

Benefits we provide to our customers:

- Soil moisture monitoring

- Cost savings

- High coverage and communication analysis

- Detailed analysis of the data• Real-time data

- Prevention of excess water loss

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Smart farming solutions are designed for crop monitoring to improve production and prevent damage. It also facilitates managing automated irrigation, controlling conditions in greenhouses and implementing systems that collaborate with decision-making for planting, harvesting, and application of pesticides.

Benefits we provide to our customers:

  • Safety and quality of products guaranteed
  • Cost-savings through the reduction of fertilizer and pesticide usage.
  • Real-time monitoring
  • High coverage and communication analysis.
  • Detailed analysis of the data
  • Optimization in the management and use of water resources
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The solutions for smart cities are specially designed to cover applications in urban spaces such as air quality control, waste management, structural health of buildings, noise map control, intelligent lighting management and, traffic monitoring

Benefits we provide to our customers:

  • Ability to transmit low consumption data.
  • High coverage and communication analysis.
  • Detailed analysis of the data
  • Cloud connection and real-time information extraction.
  • Better infrastructure and cost reduction.
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During the process of transforming the industrial and urban world, it is important to consider the effectiveness of IoT Smart World solutions through planning, monitoring, certifying and managing your business. Only with our solutions, you can always obtain detailed information that will allow you to track possible failures and make the necessary adjustments immediately.

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