Convergia's 1st CxC Webinar

Connectivity By Convergia (CxC): One contract. One Global Network

IoT/ Cloud Director Eric Leduc presented Convergia’s 1st CxC webinar, showing us that with Connectivity by Convergia you’ll have One Contract and One Global Network, providing you with:

1.) Global Coverage Simplicity

  • Use a single SIM SKU in all implementations
  • Less Inventory
  • Simplified logistics
  • Maintain control of connectivity service through the life of the product
  • Access at more than 700 MNO
  • One platform

2.)  One Management Platform

  • Platform aggregator
  • Multiple Cellular Network Operators in each territory to guarantee coverage even in rural areas
  • Online connectivity management tool
  • Data connectivity made-to-measure: Starting from 100KB per month per device
  • Local billing in the USA, Canada and LATAM
  • Local Support you can count on
  • One stop shop for all IOT needs: Connectivity, Devices, etc
  • Pooled data bundles 
  • Extensive worldwide network covering 180 countries and territories